Yet Another Vindriktning Modification Tale

IKEA is selling their air quality sensor VINDRIKTNING for some time now and it finally arrived here in Australia. I bought my own device a couple of months ago with the plan to modify and integrate it into Home Assistant. Some clever people have already done all the heavy lifting and there is a thread in the Home Assistant forum where people share what they have done.

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Winter is coming – Local Control for Smart Panel Heater

Two winters ago in 2019 I bought an Arlec smart panel heater from Bunnings and finally took some time to integrate it into Home Assistant. Luckily it was old enough so that tuya convert worked without any problems. Initially I thought the heater would have the usual ESP-MCU combination built in, so I tried going with a ESPHome firmware and the Tuya MCU component. Unfortunately any attempts to talk to the MCU were unsuccessful, and I decided to switch to Tasmota which turned out to be the right choice for this device.

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Sparkling Lights – WS2812B fairy light with WLED

With many of my neighbours putting up their decorative light shows for Christmas I was wondering if there would be something new on the market to replace the old solar powered fairy lights on our terrace which were cheap but kept dying every other year or so.

So, I found a WS2812B based fairy string light which promised to be IP65 rated at a reasonable price.

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