Sparkling Lights – WS2812B fairy light with WLED

With many of my neighbours putting up their decorative light shows for Christmas I was wondering if there would be something new on the market to replace the old solar powered fairy lights on our terrace which were cheap but kept dying every other year or so.

So, I found a WS2812B based fairy string light which promised to be IP65 rated at a reasonable price.

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Home Network – Home Server

I have had a server at home for more than 20 years. This all started as a simple router back when my flatmate and I got a copper leased line back to the ISP’s office we were working for and used 56kbit/s US Robotics modems on both ends for a permanent Internet connection.

A bit later the home server morphed into a file server and media server setup, and in recent years has become more important for home automation.

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