Sharing enlightening moments of home automation

  • ESPHome’s fan-tastic rescue

    ESPHome’s fan-tastic rescue

    After successfully retrofitting a smart fan controller onto an older ceiling fan, it was time to install and upgrade more ceiling fans around the house. In this post I am describing how I integrated a Brilliant Bahama smart ceiling fan into Home Assistant, and in the next post I am going to show how I…

  • Taking the old ceiling fan for a smart spin

    Taking the old ceiling fan for a smart spin

    I have recently bought a Brilliant Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan Controller for a bedroom ceiling fan in our house. This is a Tuya device but I wanted to avoid signing up to the Tuya cloud service to operate my ceiling fan under all circumstances. In this article I just wanted to share a few learnings…

  • Illuminated Stairs

    Illuminated Stairs

    This project is a simple IKEA hack that I wanted to share because it just looks great. The lights are integrated into Home Assistant and are fully automated – no light switch necessary.

  • Home Network – Home Server

    Home Network – Home Server

    I have had a server at home for more than 20 years. This all started as a simple router back when my flatmate and I got a copper leased line back to the ISP’s office we were working for and used 56kbit/s US Robotics modems on both ends for a permanent Internet connection. A bit…

  • Home Network – Design Overview

    Home Network – Design Overview

    In the following article I will provide a high-level overview of my network design, some details on the physical network devices I picked, and a few more implementation details.

  • All Green Lights on Cable Modem Connection Status

    All Green Lights on Cable Modem Connection Status

    While I am still waiting to be connected to the NBN I have had quite a few shorter outages on my existing cable Internet connection, and wanted to improve the way Home Assistant recognises and deals with the loss of connectivity.

  • Smarter Swimming Pool 5: Under the Surface

    Smarter Swimming Pool 5: Under the Surface

    My ESP8266 based device that is measuring water temperature, water level and liquid chlorine level is happily running for quite some time now. However, the eco-system around Home Assistant and ESP has evolved, and I just wanted to quickly share how that has changed the setup of my smart swimming pool.

  • Fire Danger Rating

    Fire Danger Rating

    Each time I drive past our local fire station I see that fire danger rating sign and take a quick look. Wouldn’t it be great to have this information right in your favourite home automation system?

  • Hold your Breath for this Air Quality Sensor

    Hold your Breath for this Air Quality Sensor

    Recently I discovered the project that provides a simple blueprint for measuring particulate matter, and in this post I am sharing how I built and set up my own device and integrated it into Home Assistant.