Smarter Swimming Pool 4: Liquid Chlorine Level

My pool requires a regular influx of liquid chlorine that is stored in a large drum next to the automated chlorinator. Every couple of weeks I have to replenish that drum, otherwise the chlorine concentration in the pool water gets too low, and algae starts growing resulting in green-ish pool water. Needless to say, this has already happened a couple of times in the past and each time I had to pour in more chemicals to clean up the mess and wait a few days until the water was clean again.

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Smarter Swimming Pool 3: Water Level

Water disappears from an outdoor swimming pool over time – naturally through evaporation or through a small leak in a pipe that is hard to detect. To some degree rain helps to balance the pool water level, but sometimes you will have to top up manually. If your pool is constructed like mine, then if the water is below a certain level, the pool pump will be unable to pull enough water, and instead you get air into the pipes with unwanted consequences. Filtering water is not working efficiently anymore, the cleaning robot might stop, the pump might be damaged (water cools it down).

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Smarter Swimming Pool 1: Pool Pump

When I bought my house I also inherited a nice outdoor swimming pool. Little did I know about pool maintenance back then and so during the first couple of months everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Anyway, I am now in a position to go beyond the static pool maintenance and am smartening up the whole thing. This post is the first one in a short series describing various small improvements I have made – starting with making the pool pump a bit smarter.

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